Bravo LogoA well-fitting bathing suit can make the difference between a great day of sun and surf and one that you spend covered-up. Rather than envy women who seem to beautifully fill out their bikinis and one-piece suits, take advantage of their secret accessory—Bravo Bra Pads, Push Ups and Shapers. Designed for small- and medium-busted women, Bra Pads instantly lift and shape to give you a natural-looking fuller silhouette. The pads offer superior durability and performance, and are perfect for swimwear tops of all shapes, including strapless pieces. Like traditional Bra Pads, Bravo’s swim shapers add cleavage, allow you to add a cup size to your bust line, and solve frustrating swimwear problems. Nylon fabric keeps the pads from becoming saturated. It’s time to feel more comfortable, confident and sexy in all your swimwear!