By definition, a pareo is a kind of sarong made of a single straight piece of printed cotton cloth, worn by Polynesians. It is among the most versatile cover up swimsuit you can own. The pareo cover up can be worn six different ways such as a skirt, dress, strapless, over the shoulder dress, shorts, and as a top. To achieve a skirt, wrap around the pareo to the hips make a loop and your ready. To attain a pareo dress wrap it around the back and place both ends in the center of the chest, twist, cross and slide the head, tie a bow around the neck it will appear like a halter dress. For a pareo strapless tie the ends of the pareo behind your back you can also tie it to the front making a cute bow. To accomplish an asymmetrical pareo, wrap it around the body and attach the ends over the left or right shoulder which ever you prefer. Pareo shorts will accentuate sexy tanned legs tie the two ends behind the back and pass to back between the legs. Then tie the ends on the front. As for a pareo top hang the pareo on the neck, align the ends, and place on the chest. Set up the ends on the back and tie all four ends of the pair. The pareo can be the ultimate piece to have in your summer essentials.