Beach shoes are definitely something a woman can never have enough of! The classic and the most comfortable sandals for women are flip-flops also called thongs, sandals, and step-ins; they can give conditioning to your feet and make them comfortable. Summer sandals for women can be made from rubber, leather, wood, tatami, or rope, and may or may not come with a heel. Who says flip flops are only worn in the house or beach nowadays? Many flip-flops are now embellished with medallions, rhinestones and other details to accommodate any occasion. Gladiators are roman inspired sandals with thick straps that go all around your ankles keeping your feet secured as you walk, which makes them a great choice for dancing all night or wearing at a pool party. The wedge sandal can be distinguished by the lightweight wedge heel that has a sole capped off with a small heel. Wedges provide a good balance and support making them ideal for long walks on the boardwalk. T-Strap sandals go between your toes and hook onto the ankle strap making a T shape. Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or just in the city, you’ll look great in sandals!