Protect your skin from getting too much sun in a fashionable beach hat for women. There are many exciting hat choices to look great with your outfit. A fedora hat is made of soft felt and is most recognizable by its pinched front and the crease that travels lengthwise on the crown. Most fedora hats feature a hat band and are often associated in modern times with wealth and class. The wide brimmed floppy hat is a great choice for adding a feminine touch to your swimsuit, sundress, and maxi dress. They are easy to pack for a trip since most floppy hats are crushable and retain their shape. Straw sun hats are made of supple straw woven to be more flexible and comfortable. Straw sun hats are used for less formal outings but still provide a touch of glamor. Complete your cowgirl look with a stylish western hat. They are lightweight and have shapeable brim edges allowing you to adjust the hat and get your favorite look. Having a hard time finding a hat that fits? Try a sun visor and adjust it exactly to your size. It will still provide the shade you need and give you comfort. Expect compliments by just adding a beach hat to your collection of fashion accessories.